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Kathleen McLachlan BA, MSc.
Psychotherapist Qualifying, Owner and member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

Experiencing and overcoming challenges in raising my own family led me to believe in the power of therapy, and inspired me to become a therapist. I feel my life experience allows me to have more empathy and connection with my clients and the challenges they face.

I have a passion for treating people of all ages struggling with relationship issues, anxiety, depression and mental health struggles. The right strategy can work to overcome challenges, allow individuals to focus on their unique strengths and abilities, and ultimately transform their lives.

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Our Services

Individual Therapy near me

Individual Therapy

It can be difficult to be objective about ourselves and our own life, especially if we are facing difficult challenges.

Teen Therapy and Counselling

Teen Therapy

Teen therapy provides a safe space for adolescents facing various challenges like anxiety, depression, peer pressure, and family conflicts.

child counseling near me

Children’s Therapy

Most parents agree that investing in their child’s academic and athletic future is important, but investing in their emotional well-being affects every other aspect of their life.

Marriage & Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Most of us want a relationship where we feel loved, respected and appreciated. It can often start out that way, until communication issues, difficult life situations or parenting issues get in the way.

$150 plus HST.

Our services are covered by most insurance plans.

Payments are accepted by credit card or e-transfer

Psychologist near me

Our Mission

As a culture, we see the value in seeking professional help for our physical health, finances, real estate…

Why not invest in your emotional well-being?

Whether you are struggling with a difficult situation or just want more contentment and happiness in your life, there are evidence-based strategies that can help you move forward.

Friends and family can offer support, but they are not a substitute for professional guidance from therapists who have made it their mission to understand psychological obstacles and how to overcome them.

Every situation and individual is unique. Together, we will choose the right strategies to help you feel better and start living your best life.

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